Start-up Lab 2018
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... even if you have no own idea!

Enhance your business idea to a functional business case based on the St. Galler Business Model Navigator and Design Thinking.

Our mentors and coaches will accompany and support you during the entire week (in German or English) through the business model process.



  • New Energy
    Energy Storage, Decentralised Generation, Smart Grids, ...
  • Smart City & IoT
    Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Transportation, Smart Utility Industry, ...
  • Robotics
    Sensing, Environmental Interaction and Navigation, Human-robot Interaction, ...
  • Autonomous Systems
    Self-maintenance, Autonomous Navigation, Energy Autonomy, ...
  • Biotechnology
    Bioinfomatics, Pharmacogenomics, Genetic Engineering, Industrial Fermentation, ...
  • Life Science
    Healthcare, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, ...
  • Digital Media
    Content Marketing, Analytics, Voice Control
Apply now
... even if you have no own idea!
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