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Startup Lab - Energy and mobility solutions: Focus hydrogen

In the Startup Lab, you will be guided through the topics of needs analysis, prototyping, business model and pitch in order to develop a validated business case. However, the starting point: your own idea!

The Startup Lab aims to promote cross-border cooperation in the tri-border region. For this reason, the workshops will be held in English, French or German. There are enough people present who could help with translations. Mastering two of the named languages is an advantage.  The labs are divided into two full days and one half day, participation is free of charge.



1. Carbon footprint: What opportunities are there to reduce the ecological footprint of a small or medium-sized company when using hydrogen products? 

2. Communication model: How can society be involved in a hydrogen project e.g., building an electrolyzer so that friction (fears, etc.) is avoided and positive information is provided?

3. Socio-politically: Are there differences in the topic of the energy system transformation between France and Germany? 

4. Battery or H2 cartridge - which is better for Mobile Energy? 

5. Retrofit or adaptation of existing vehicles to hydrogen. How can mobile supply modes for these (offroad) equipments look like?

6. Liquefaction of hydrogene is an old and energy-intensive technology that requires innovation to provide economically and environmentally viable solutions. What could approaches look like?

7. Hydrogen storage solutions: How can problems with integration, volume and weight be solved? What needs to be considered for distribution?

8. ... any other exciting topic from your side?

If you have ideas or solutions in these challenge areas, feel free to apply for the Startup Lab.

Your benefits

  • Essential feedback of your idea by mentors with background in energy and mobility solutions
  • Brilliant network of industry partners, startups and innovation platforms in the field of hydrogen
  • Knowledge transfer in the topic of hydrogene between different stakeholders in a casual environment
  • Best solutions and results will be presented at transborder network in the area of energetic transition (TRION) with major energy companies
  • Learn and apply innovative management methods
  • Relaxed get-together
Apply now until the 25th of November
... even if you don't have your own idea


Who should apply?

  • You are interested in startups
  • You already have your own idea or want to work on the idea of someone else
  • You want to learn something about developing a business model

Apply now until the 7th of November
... even if you don't have your own idea
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