The Trinational HealthTech Days #2

In the second edition, the Trinational HealthTech Days focused on the Market Entry Strategy for Startups in Healthcare Technology. Through the event, the trinational region was to be made visible and strengthened in partnership. The event was intended to provide startups with a better understanding of how to access clinics in order to validate and test their products and services. Furthermore, the event aimed to highlight the opportunities for cooperation between companies and startups in order to improve the chances of success and to establish contacts with international startups, funds, VCs and investors.

On the first day, more than 80 participants from an international high level audience took part in the online event. The eight speakers of the medtech session Annegret Genger (Seleon), Mirjam Schleske (INSPIRE Living Lab), Dr. Christian Haverkamp (Uniklinik Freiburg), Matis Ringdal (Pixacare) and Olivier Terenzi (OMEOS) presented different approaches, ranging from consulting to complete hospital departments in interaction with startup teams. In the meantime, the participants were able to address topics that are relevant for startups that want to cooperate with large pharmaceutical companies. Speakers Samantha Brandler (CSL Behring), Michael R Huebner (Johnson and Johnson), Ashley Nagle (RemedyBio) and Jonathan Butcher (BioVersys) addressed the questions of how to maximize the chance of collaboration and when is the best time to do so.

For the second day of the Trinational HealthTech Days, over 70 startups from France, Germany and Switzerland were able to exchange in 115 one-on-one meetings with over 25 VCs, business angels and 11 large companies. The speakers Christian Kraft (B. Braun Innovation Hub, CeCaVa GmbH & Co. KG), Dr. Michael Luettgen (EIT Health GmbH) and Dipl. -Ing. Catherine Schreiber (ADVITOS GmbH) also informed about how a successful acquisition of an investment works, about the hurdles of the process and how companies and startups can work together to speed it up.

The two days of the Trinational HealthTech Days were a complete success! Many thanks to our partners SEMIA and the Quest Network, Life Science Accelerator, University of Basel, the speakers and their informing insights, the startups, corporates, VCs and BAs, and interested participants. We are looking forward to the third edition of the Trinational HealthTech Days next year!

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